Monday, October 8, 2012

The tests all done, the contract signed sealed and delivered, at long last SpaceX’s Dragon – an unmanned Falcon 9 rocket takes off for the ISS on its supply run. There are details left to make the first venture a complete success, details like the link up to the ISS as it travel in orbit at 28,163.52 kpm, PLUS since it is able to bring back supplies, such as scientific materials and the like, will be bringing home supplies as well. Human cargo is its next goal.

A side note – yes we were paying Russia to take care of our responsibilities with flying to the ISS until SpaceX had earned its stripes, but looking at the Russian space program, I am sooo glad we no longer have to! Forget the cost, the Russian program has known so many failures of late, From the crash of a Soyuz rocket with supplies for the ISS August as well as the launch of a satellite to the wrong orbit. In November there was the Mars bound Phobos-Grunt probe that had a successful launch just never made it out of the Earth’s orbit. Perhaps SpaceX and other American companies might become suppliers of our next great export! A space delivery system or a space taxi of sorts!

PERSONAL NOTE: I, for one, am constantly surprised how much is going on that no one is aware of! The news channels do not carry the launches but remember that Apollo 13 mission that no one cared about until it became a nail-biter, maybe it is best they don’t pay too close of attention!

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