Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blue Origins

You all know I am a great SpaceX & NASA fan. Well, I have to admit to NASA’s partnership’s including other outfits as well. For instance Blue Origin owned by Jeff Bezos. NASA has announced that Blue Origin has made a successful test of its pad escape system.

What is Blue Origins' pad escape system you ask? Well, it is a new system, a pusher escape system that has been developed to allow complete crew escape should an emergency occur en route to subOrbit. NASA has been working with Blue Origins as it has with all of its space partners. NASA shares knowledge with them, experience over having been to space in the past and then they get to develop a safe and capable space rocket & capsule. Capable of not only taking supplies to the ISS as they have been contracted, but gaining experience, designing and redesigning and being ready one day for affordable civilian space travel.

Of course then it is only how much time until our outpost on the moon has a hotel? Think about it, pretty cool, no?

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