Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Frenchman and an American working with matter and light…What’s the punch line? They won the Nobel prize. I felt the several American Nobel prize winners deserved a nod, so here goes. Be it Dr. Haroche and Dr. Wineland who won for their work that has resulted in scientists viewing more freely the bizarre effects of the subatomic world. (In particular I call your attention to Schrödinger’s cat. Up until now, one knew that until the box was open the cat was both alive and dead, but now we are able to orchestrate and plan within this quantum world. In particular, we are able to see the eventuality of quantum computing not just the hope of it. I would also like to celebrate the two Americans (Brian Kobilka and Robert Lefkowitz) who won the Chemistry Nobel Prize for ground breaking discoveries that tell how cells respond to the world around them. Answers that affect everything from medication (beta blockers or psychiatric meds) to signals that make the heart beat faster (scents to sight to taste). A Nobel prize went to also went to a British man and a Japanese man for their work in stem cell research. Their work could lead to the eventual cure to Parkinson’s and Diabetes.

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