Monday, September 17, 2012

Opportunity – Curiosity’s older brother, gets the drop(s)

Opportunity who is still active of the surface of Mars though certainly didn’t get as much face time as his younger brother already has, sent back pictures that rival anything to date from Curiousity.

Remember the photo from Curiosity that had us all wondering what sort of liquid did Mars once have, was this once a terrestrial paradise? The one that Curiosity snapped around September 1st ? The scientists were all excited… It seems dear brother snapped one of his own; one that shows tiny little sphericals that we call ‘blueberries’. The little droplets from liquids of the past.

To give some idea of the size involved we’re talking each of them is 3 milimeters across. The picture to the right takes up about 6 centimeters. It seems that big brother has a Microscopic Imager that was able to grab the photos.

Here’s a quickie! – There is a manned mission to Mars that now has sponsors! A Dutch company that has the plan now has obtained some of that sponsor money to make the trip feasible.

Can you imagine on the side of the ship – a really huge Coke insignia…months later you see all the alien life drinking Coke?... Sorry, just got a real laugh out of that. But I’m so glad that every out there is getting the fever – that means we WILL get there!

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