Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Order of The Phoenix Cluster

Galaxies in the center have long been thought of as dead and circling the drain (or in this case the black hole). But a strange thing, seems to be happening in the aptly named Phoenix Cluster, its forming new stars from the hot gases in the cluster core that has been gathered from neighboring galaxies and Supernova events.

The black hole that the Phoenix Cluster circles seems to be a sleeping giant at present: allowing the hot gases the time they need to cool and condense and form a new star.

Never before have scientists been privy to the star birth from a cluster. Usually star formations have something present that prevents the star births. When a black hole, particularly a supermassive one, is active it can be emitting enough particles to reheat the core making the gases unable to cool down to become a new star.

The Phoenix cluster has in incredible amount of gas cooling at an intense rate and giving birth as if there were no tomorrow. And it may be correct. Once the black hole awakens, the gases won’t be able to cool and the Phoenix Cluster will be cease producing celestial bodies at unheard of rate.

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