Saturday, August 4, 2012

As most of you know I am at Shore Leave this weekend. It is awesome and will be on my list of Cons to revisit! Thanks to those of you who followed my tweets, I said I would give away ten t-shirts, but I couldn’t say know to the extra few who spoke the “coded phrase”! You all have made my first visit to a con as more than a casual observer; one to remember! (Actually – a few more hours tomorrow, seems sad to end it all, but there you go!)

STILL – I can’t miss out on telling you the latest news about SpaceX. They got the contract with NASA!!!! I was pulling for them, I thought they were the logical choice, but WOW! SpaceX will keep advancing the program but in a commercial way.

My book Sanacion-The Black Hole Mission uses a world-wide effort in developing the technology and leaving Earth for destinations unknown (via a black hole) but maybe I should have used a commercial company?!

So congratulations to SpaceX!

Curiosity lands on Mars on Monday morning (1:31 EST to be exact – so Sunday night to some of you) Curiosity’s seven minutes of “Holy *#$%@!” will be in a webcast. The news is finally paying it some mind so maybe we can catch it on TV! Actually some cable companies have NASA TV, if not it is available in NASA’s live web stream, otherwise I am sure that ABC or one of the main channels will give a mention as they have been of late!

Shore Leave has some more events and I want to be there so I will write more during the week – just wanted to let you know what up! Oh, and my Sanacion Facebook page will have some of the photos. I’m camera shy but there is one of me with Kate Mulgrew presenting her with my book stuff. She was great!

Live long & prosper!

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