Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Space Elevator Project – Guess it depends what kind of music they play!

On the site Kickstart a company named LiftPort sought $8000 to cover costs of the first phase of their project to create a space elevator. This space elevator will be able to carry robots cargo and of course humans on a space elevator straight to the moon in a single launch.

This project is being broken up in phases; this phase seeks to fund the research made by this hobby team who helps that by one of the future phases they will cease being a hobby team and become a true Lunar Elevator Company.

LiftPort’s CEO has been involved in elevator research for a full ten years and the continuation of it includes looking at materials, what launch capabilities are needed and can be obtained, and the review of the moon for landing sites and finally methods of anchoring to the moon.

The next phase they are seeking $100,000 and so far have generated almost $14,000. For those willing to invest there are 16 more days.

While I don’t think they will do it, I applaud their ingenuity and ambition and I truly hope they prove me wrong!

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