Saturday, May 19, 2012

**I wrote this blog prior to this mornings launch attempt by SpaceX. Unfortunately all didn't go as planned but they will be back at it on May 22nd!**

Now that at we have civilian launches with the NASA blessing, what might the future as far as space travel/vacations be like?

-First let’s talk price, in the beginning we are looking at $200,000 for a space flight with one company and another is charging about $150,000 (do I need a coupon?) still even another is charging many, many million, but it is for 2 weeks. Hmmm

-But do they have hotels? Glad you asked. Yes. They don’t have them as of yet but there are 2 prototypes being tested, very much like MIR or ISS; Not so much like the 4 Seasons or the Waldorf Astoria.

-What about being physically fit? Yes you have to pass a medical screening, do some bare minimum training – experience pre-flight G’s in a Jet, do time in an altitude chamber, and then if you are cleared it is on to the 4 day training session.

- Surely the government regulates space travel?! Well yes, sort of. There are permits and licenses, a basic requirement that the individual understand the risk, and certain guidelines on how the crew is trained, but other than that-

Okay, so now can you picture it? Maybe a spacebar, we’ll call it the….the Cantina, and beings from all over there to quench their thirst and broker some deals, the droids waiting in the ship (perhaps we’ll have our own ships, two in every driveway, one with a bumper sticker that read “my other space ship is a Millennium Falcon”.

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