Monday, April 23, 2012

This and That!

I came across little items of interest that I thought I’d share, but first something I thought was cool. Space Camp! And they take ADULTS!!!! Cool, right? You can experience either a weekend or a week-long Adventurous yet Educational vacation. I have often thought of space camp and whined out loud that I never got to go! This has actually made it to the top ten on my list. Actually dare I say the top two of things to do on vacation..soon!!!

There’s a Martian Rover, about the size of a SUV due to arrive in August after a 9 month trip to MARS. For the landing of this 1 and some change ton craft we are not able to use balloons as with the Spirit and the Opportunity before Curiousity, but the heat shield will be used as an air brake and there is a parachute. Its mission is to find elements to prove whether there was or wasn’t life on MARS. Of course I think this talking past tense might get them in a little trouble.

You want to take out this trash?...There are about 16-17000 pieces that are larger than 10 centimeters in size and range from the spent rockets to satellite fragments to loose hardware. And it all poses a problem to not only our travelers in space, but occasionally we have had this stuff fall to Earth…Think SkyLab (before the ISS) or the Russian Satellite ‘Phobos-Grunt’ or The Mir, and I could go on and on! Anywaywe’re trying to figure a way to clean it up. Maybe that’s why we haven’t met any Aliens. We’re the white trash of the Solar System!

Okay one more piece of data for you! Taikonauts….Chinese Astronauts. Apparently we are not allowed because of Frank Wolfe of Virginia who passed a bill that basically was against collaborating with the Chinese on the space program because their spies and we owe them a lot of money and….okay he didn’t say that but America worked with Russian on a number of things though out the cold war, come on!!! If you don’t want to do it out of sharing, make them give us a break on what we owe.

Okay, I lied – I have to say one thing more - I wanted to tell you how excited I am! I was working on a new cover with my publisher this past weekend, should have the new cover to show you by this time next week!

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